Travel Memories: Find Pairs

Travel Memories: Find Pairs is a memory game for both children and adults. You have to remember the location of the cards to find pairs. Completing thematic levels will award you hints that will be useful in the Challenge mode or in difficult stages of the game.

• Challenge Mode — Compete with other players, pass random levels and move up the record table with points.
• Several Difficulty Levels — Regular, Timed, Limited Number of Moves (in development).
• Cloud Storage — iCloud keeps your progress secure.
• Achievements
• Music and Sounds

How to Play

The game board contains up to 16 pairs of cards. Each turn you flip two cards. If they match, then these cards disappear from the game board, otherwise they flip back. The goal is to find all the pairs.

Challenge Mode

After completing random levels in Challenge mode, you receive points that determine your place in the Leaderboards. The number of points depends on the time spent, mistakes made and the number of pairs.